Flexible solutions for access, separation, safety and optimization of industrial spaces

Superior features

Our products are the result of 40-year testing, evolution and experience

Flexible doors

Our practical and reliable traffic solutions are designed to separate and thermally insulate your spaces to protect them from dust, smoke and harmful agents while allowing a swift passage

Flexible swing doors

Flexible stripe doors

Roll-up doors

These automatic, self-repairing roll-up doors provide very short opening and closing times and thus are designed for intensive use. They can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Fast, safe and totally insulating.

Light, elegant, even more ergonomic

Safety systems: B-SAFE ®

Much more than simple bumpers: B-SAFE Systems are customizable safety models that integrate into your corporate identity and offer high-standard safety in all spaces with a high flow of visitors.

Designed for invisible protection


To respond to the increasing need for efficiency in the industrial spaces and furnishings

Space efficiency solutions

Tailor made complements, claddings and finishings